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Happy News! The Wishing Thread on The List!

Such wonderful news this past week! The Wishing Thread made the New York Times list and the USA Today list! Talk about a dream come true! It was so much fun to share the news, especially with my mom and my husband, who have always put so much faith in me even when there was little reason to. There are still mountains to climb, but this has been a wonderful burst of happiness to put new spring in my step. Thanks to everyone who has so kindly supported my writing!


The Wishing Thread, New York Times list

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe

– As an adult, my FAVORITE part of Halloween is roasted pumpkin seeds–only fresh seeds will do. My husband and I feel like we’re a pretty good team on Halloween: I don’t much like to carve a pumpkin but I LOVE taking a pumpkin apart, all the goo and stuff. Matt hates gutting a pumpkin,… Continue Reading

Cleo the Hedgehog Is Ready For Her Close Up

Summer’s creeping by. And my book release (and deadline!) are creeping closer. Right now, my life is pretty much: write, sleep, write, eat, write, and take care of Cleo (and write). So here’s a close up of my girl (since a close up of my dinner or my keyboard or my pillow wouldn’t be nearly… Continue Reading