The Wishing Thread: The Story Behind The Story

the wishing thread book coverI’m so excited that the release of The Wishing Thread is just around the corner!

I’ve been in quite a tizzy these last few weeks, getting ready, making last minute preparations, talking to bloggers, etc.

The question I keep running across is, “Where did you get the idea for this book?”

Sometimes story ideas sneak up on me, with random notions popping up here and there, until I suddenly I see how they all coalesce and work together. So there’s no one single moment of “Eureka!”

But The Wishing Thread was different. It had a very specific moment of coming to life.

Many of you know that I’m a knitter (lisava on Ravelry), and when I knit a gift, I always be sure to “knit” some good energy and prayers into the stitches for the recipient.

One day, I thought: Wouldn’t it be cool if someone could knit a magic spell?

I didn't say I was a GOOD knitter!
I didn’t say I was a GOOD knitter!

And bam! That was the beginning of The Wishing Thread.

Of course, that’s not a story—it’s a question. And it’s just one of the many questions that drive the book. But it was definitely the moment that I knew The Wishing Thread was a book I was meant to write.

Little by little, I discovered the story of three estranged sisters in Tarrytown who must come together to decide the fate of their family legacy: a yarn shop called The Stitchery.

But the magic of the sisters isn’t an “easy” magic. To make the Stitchery’s magic work, a person has to be prepared to make sacrifices. And that’s where things get interesting. Some people in town believe in the magic. Some think it’s just the power of suggestion at work. You—reader—will have to decide what you think.

As for me, I’m already at work on my next magical book (which is due in about two weeks, by the way). If only I could get someone to knit a magical spell for me!

Thanks so so much for your support as this book comes out. I put off writing this story for quite some time, because I wanted to truly be sure I could do it justice. It’s silly, but having it out on the shelves is going to feel so very liberating; I can’t wait to share.

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Hope to see you there!

Lisa Van Allen

QUESTION: What’s a favorite hand-crafted item in your life?


17 Responses to The Wishing Thread: The Story Behind The Story

  1. My mom crochet the chistening blankets for both my daughters. She also crochet a sweater that has Hearts crochet right in! It is her only clothing creation…just wish it grew with the kids but will be kept forever!

  2. My favorite hand-crafted item in my life is some crocheted doilies that my mother crocheted before her death in 1963 when I was a teenager!A very prized possession!

  3. I don’t know how to knit :( the only thing that I ever tried was a baby sweater and by the time that it was finished it looked more like baptism gown that a sweater so it was my first and my last intent. But I do believe in magic, so maybe one day I will give it a try and maybe I will knit a magic spell!

    • Well, go back retry to knit and start with something smaller like a dishcloth or a blanket, since your sweater tund into a Christening gown. A blanket can be as big or small as you want it to be. I love to knit and my mom taught me and my brother when we were younger to knit and crochet.

  4. Jackie — knitting is a great way to pass the time when you’re recovering (whether from surgery or a long work day). :-)

    Joanne – how adorable! You’ll have to send me a picture if you come across it.

    Rebecca – Those are extremely hard to make! My mom did doilies for a while too, and they are so so impressive. I’m still working on “single crochet” stitch!

    Silvia – how charming! I hope you do.

  5. Just finished “The Wishing Thread” and I loved it!!! I want to visit The Stitchery and knit with the Van Ripper sisters and have them as my BFF’s! Such a great tale! I have the urge to cast on for Aubrey’s ponco. Thanks for giving us all such a great read!

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